Device group managementΒΆ

Selecting List Groups in the Network Devices submenu opens a summary page that lists all the configured network device groups. The list also includes an Ungrouped category that contains all ungrouped devices.

Clicking the + button next to a group name expands the group and displays all the NIDs assigned to it.

Expanding a group allows the following actions to be performed:

Adding a device group

Clicking Add Device Group opens the Add Network Device Group page. The Add Network Device Group page can also be accessed by clicking Add Group in the Network Devices configuration submenu.

Editing device group settings

Clicking the name of a device group opens its Edit Network Device Group page where the current group settings can be modified.

Editing device settings

Clicking the name of network device opens its Edit Network Device page. For more details on this page, see Network device management.

Changing group assignments

One or more NIDs can be assigned to a different group by selecting the new group from the dropdown menu, and then clicking Change Group.

Clicking Ungroup Selected removes the selected devices from the current group without assigning them to a new group.

Removing devices from the system

Select one or more NIDs, and then click Remove Selected to permanently delete the devices from the system.

Clicking Remove ALL Network Infrastructure Devices permanently deletes all NIDs in the group from the system.