UI overview

Plixer Scrutinizer is equipped with a extensive feature set that allows it to transform raw network flow data into timely, accurate, and fully contextualized intelligence for modern NetOps and SecOps teams.

The Plixer Scrutinizer web interface acts as the system’s primary console and is divided into four main sections/tabs corresponding to essential NetOps and SecOps workflows, plus an administration tab for environment configuration and management.





  • Use customizable Alarm Policies to receive alerts when problematic or dangerous behavior is discovered on the network

  • Create custom Dashboards using ready-to-use Gadgets that display vital activity summaries and visualizations

  • Visualize and monitor activity between connected devices with user-defined Network Maps

  • Drill down into flow-generating devices to examine activity, resource usage, and Events generated

  • Inspect behavior, interactions, and Events generated by individual entities

  • Look up specific host and host pairs in the system’s Host Index to inspect details or verify

  • Define Collections of one or more Alarms, Events, and/or Reports and assign them to analysts for investigation

  • View available Forecasts to identify resource usage trends and identify future needs

  • Create/run custom or preconfigured network activity Reports that can be saved and used to generate ML-based Forecasts

  • View/re-run and manage saved Reports

The functions and workflows under each UI tab are explained in further detail in the succeeding sections of this documentation.


Click on the the Help (?) button in the web interface’s navigation bar to open the Plixer Scrutinizer this documentation at any time.