Plixer One Core

Time-tested and trusted: We’ve been innovating and delivering proven, cutting-edge NetFlow/IPFIX-focused technology solutions for over 20 years. IPFIX is a broadly adopted IETF protocol standard, eliminating the proprietary lock-in of other vendor solutions.

Real-time insights: Shift from passive preventive measures to a dynamic approach. Utilize contextual forensic data to support faster time-to-issue-resolution. Set proactive thresholds and alarming to enable rapid event response.

Streamline Traffic Monitoring: Correlate and consolidate traffic flows and metadata into a single database to cut through noise and focus monitoring where it matters most.

Core-to-Cloud Visibility: Illuminate network blind spots for true end-to-end visibility across your entire hybrid environment. Pinpoint and address threats unique to your network in real time, minimizing disruption and revenue impact.

Frictionless Implementation: No need for intrusive, costly and proprietary network appliances - Plixer’s implementation collects data available directly from your existing IT infrastructure.

Increase efficiency and reduce cost: Rapid, accurate and scalable reporting enables root cause identification to protect customer satisfaction, productivity, and revenue.