Plixer One SecurityΒΆ

Stop threat actors in their tracks and keep your business protected with a full NDR solution that enhances Scrutinizer with security analytics, application monitoring and endpoint behavior analytics. Detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents with speed and scale.

Detect threats sooner and outwit the cybercriminals by harnessing existing data from network, hosts, apps, and users for total visibility. Plixer One Security is a sophisticated solution that tracks activity across your extended IT infrastructure to weed out attackers before they have a chance to cause damage to your business. A non-intrusive network monitoring solution that applies advanced detection techniques, Plixer One Security identifies security risks in real time. Harness existing data from your IT infrastructure for superior breadth and depth of visibility at a cost-effective scale.

The Plixer One Security Advantage

  • Enhanced, granular, Layer-2 to Layer-7 visibility across increasingly complex IT environments

  • Security risk mitigation through swift incident detection, remediation, and improved time-to-resolution

  • Network baselining and anomaly detection