Dashboard widgets

Plixer Endpoint Analytics’ customizable Dashboard page allows individual users to configure their layout to display the endpoint, Profile, and system data visualizations best suited to their workflows and gives them convenient access to critical statistics and data.

The Dashboard can be customized to show any or all of the following widgets:

  • 24-hour Event Stats

  • Connection Types

  • Custom Data Names

  • DHCP Client FQDNs

  • DNS Zones

  • Endpoint Directory

  • Endpoint Stats

  • Endpoints by Profile

  • Endpoint Risk Levels

  • MAC Vendors

  • Endpoints by Risk

  • RADIUS Authentication Status

  • Healthcare Endpoints

  • Healthcare Endpoints - Make/Model

Clicking a widget or one of its elements drills down into the endpoint or Profile data displayed and brings up more detailed information. Additional details can also be viewed by mousing over widget elements.