For help with or additional details on any of the new features listed below, refer to the Plixer Endpoint Analytics documentation on the Plixer website or contact Plixer Technical Support.

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Version 7.1.0 - XX/XX/2023

New Features

- Improved framework for updates and upgrades
- Added support for Risk Score integration in Plixer Scrutinizer
- Added support for Cisco “hybrid” wireless access point endpoint locations
- Added labels to endpoints or access points using Cisco hybrid mode to their respective summary views
- Endpoints by Risk widget added to available Dashboard widgets
- Endpoints by Risk view can now be filtered by risk assessment source
- Profile Identity Scores have been replaced by Profile Match levels to better reflect what they indicate
- MAC-to-IP binding source will now be displayed under IP Source on the Endpoint Report page
- Custom Data can now be automatically deleted when the associated endpoint is removed
- The Utilities > Custom Data > List Custom Data view will now also display the contents of the Description field and include it when exporting to CSV or XML
- Added support for asset inventory matching
- MS Defender: Device alert metadata will now be used to support an endpoint’s Risk Score
- MS Defender: Additional risk details (description, number of vulnerabilities) will now be displayed in the MS Defender subtab of an endpoint’s Risk tab
- License keys now only need to be pasted into a provided field instead of being uploaded as a file

Version 7.0.0 - 7/15/2022

New Features

- MS Defender integration
- Tenable integration
- Single Sign On
- Enhanced risk assessment


- License information and license paths for Endpoint Analytics on Linux now show correctly (235)
- Clear endpoint function is now works correctly (280)
- Radius Authentication Report now shows the correct statuses in the pie chart (243)
- IP address hyperlinking now works correctly (282)
- Local time zone should now be displayed instead of UTC (328)

Version 6.3.0 - 9/15/2020

New Features

VLAN Support
Unassigned Custom Data


Profiling Enhancements
Network Device Management Enhancements
API expansion