Virtual appliance - KVMΒΆ

To deploy the Plixer Replicator virtual appliance for KVM environments, note the following system requirements and proceed with the instructions that follow:

System requirements for KVM deployments:

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Storage: 100 GB

  • Processor: 2 CPU, 2 cores, 2 GHz+

Importing the virtual machine

  1. Create a directory for the install (e.g., mkdir kvm/plixer_replicator/).

  2. Download the latest Plixer Replicator virtual appliance package by entering wget


If the URL above does not work, contact support for the latest image.

  1. Unzip the file in the install directory on the KVM server by entering sudo tar xvzf Replicator_KVM.tar.gz.

  2. Enter sudo ./ to run the install script.

  3. Log in to the virtual appliance and use the virsh console Replicator command to get to the console.

  4. Log in with the username root and the password replicator and wait for the machine to reboot.

  5. When prompted, log in again and follow the shell script to enter the network details for the virtual appliance.

  6. Issue the license set command to enter the license key.

  7. Press CTRL+X to save all current settings.

Once the license key has been applied, the Plixer Replicator virtual appliance will be ready for configuration.