Reports menu

The Reports menu of the web interface is designed to offer quick access to a number of predefined reports, which are generated after aggregating and analyzing endpoint and Profile statistics.

All reports include links that allow the user to drill down into the category and/or view the Endpoint Summary page for a MAC or IP address.


The Reports menu is an alternative means of opening the pages linked to in the web interface’s Dashboard widgets and can be used to access the statistics and data even when the corresponding widgets are not being used.

The following reports are available from the submenu:

DHCP Client FQDN Statistics

displays statistics for DHCP client FQDNs grouped by domain name

Endpoint Names

lists all endpoints for which at least one of the following name attributes has been discovered: DNS name, DHCP hostname/domain name/FQDN, or Active Directory DNS name

Endpoint Statistics

summarizes statistics for all discovered endpoints, split into the following tabs: Profile Name, MAC Vendor, DNS Name, OS, Domain Name, and RADIUS User Name

Endpoints by Connection Type

shows the distribution of discovered endpoints by network connection type in a pie chart

Endpoints by Profile - Top 10

shows the top ten Profiles based on the number of endpoints using that assignment in a pie chart

Healthcare Endpoints

lists all healthcare-related endpoints discovered on the network, split into two tabs: Device Information and HL7 UDI (Unique Device Identifier)

Healthcare Imaging Endpoints

lists all healthcare imaging endpoints discovered on the network, along with the IP address and AE title information for each imaging device

Profile Statistics

displays a summary of Profile statistics with Profile Groups and distribution percentages in table format

RADIUS Authentication

Shows the distribution of endpoints by RADIUS authentication status in a pie chart