Data collection

Plixer Endpoint Analytics relies on several software modules to collect endpoint data, and certain parameters of their functions can be configured by navigating to Configuration > Data Collection.

The Configure Data Collection page allows the user to modify the following settings:

SNMP Trap Collection Community String

Sets the community string that NIDs must be configured to send with their link state and MAC change traps

Web User Agent Collection Filter

Instructs the system to exclude web user agents that contain the specified string(s) from data collection (strings must be concatenated within a single regular expression using the | operator)


Adding a web user agent collection filter will not clear existing data from the database. To purge collected web user agent data from the system, use the Cleanup Database button on the System Summary page under the Utilities menu group.

Enable RADIUS Accounting Collection

Ticking this checkbox will allow the system to receive and process RADIUS accounting data from RADIUS clients (must be added via the Add Device page under Configuration > Network Devices)

RADIUS Accounting Port

Specifies the port number on which RADIUS clients export their account data when RADIUS accounting collection is enabled (default: 1813)

RADIUS Accounting Forwarding

In scenarios where a RADIUS client, such as an access switch, is only capable of sending RADIUS accounting data to a single recipient, Endpoint Analytics can also be configured to forward the data to one or more upstream RADIUS servers based on a priority list.

To add an upstream server to the system’s list of RADIUS accounting forwarding recipients, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add RADIUS Accounting Forwarding button (RADIUS accounting collection must be enabled first).

  2. Under Proxy, enter the IP address of the RADIUS proxy server to forward the data to.

  3. Under Port, enter the port number the proxy server will be listening on.

  4. Enter the Shared Secret the proxy server will be expecting to see.

  5. Click the Save button to save the RADIUS proxy server configuration.

After receiving data from the client, Plixer Endpoint Analytics will forward the packets to each of the configured upstream servers in turn until it receives a response or the list is exhausted. Once a response is received, it will be sent to the downstream RADIUS client.

The up and down arrows can be used to adjust the priority ranking of upstream RADIUS servers in the list.


Plixer Endpoint Analytics will wait 90 seconds for a response before abandoning forwarded packets and attempting to contact the next upstream server in the list.