DNS zonesΒΆ

The Configuration > DNS Zones submenu contains several options for DNS zone configuration and management:

Adding a new DNS zone

To configure a new DNS zone, select Add DNS Zone from the DNS Zones configuration submenu and follow these steps:

  1. Under DNS Zone:, enter a name for the DNS zone to be added.

  2. Under DNS Server:, enter the FQDN or IP address of the DNS server to be queried for the zone.

  3. Tick the Enable DNS Zone checkbox to enable the zone once it is added.

  4. (Optional) If TSIG authentication is required for the DNS zone/server, select the key type from the drop down under TSIG and enter the unique key name and the key value provided by your DNS administrator in the fields under Key Name: and Key Value:*, respectively.

  5. If desired, click on the Test Connection button to verify the details entered. Click on the Save button to save the configuration when done.

New DNS zones can also be added from the DNS zone list via the Add DNS Zone button.

Editing/Deleting a DNS zone

To delete or modify an existing DNS zone from the system, select List DNS Zones from the DNS Zones configuration submenu and click on a DNS zone name to open its Edit DNS Zone page. From there, click on the Delete button to delete the server or edit the configured settings and click Save.

Adding multiple DNS zones

To add multiple DNS zones from a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Select Import DNS Zones from the DNS Zones configuration submenu or click on the button on the DNS zones list page.

  2. Click on the Choose File button and browse to the CSV file.


The file should contain a name, DNS server FQDN or IP address, and TSIG details (if required) for each DNS zone to be added. CSV file templates can be downloaded from the **Import DNS Zones* page (use the (No Keys) template when TSIG authentication is not required).

  1. After selecting the CSV file, click on the Import File button.

  2. Verify that the zone details are correct and complete. Entries can also be omitted or added in a disabled state from the popup. Click on the Import DNS Zones button when done.