Life cycle and global settingsΒΆ

Plixer Scrutinizer automatically manages Alarm and Event data based on the following life cycle:

  1. Plixer Scrutinizer continuously monitors its environment for observations of system activity or network traffic that match preconfigured criteria.

  2. Observations are aggregated and reported/managed as an Event based on the Alarm Policy associated with the identified criteria.

  3. The details of the Event are reviewed under the corresponding Alarm Policy via the Alarm Monitor interface.

  4. After investigation and/or resolution, the Event is flagged as acknowledged by a user to clear it from all Alarm Monitor views.

Event data remains accessible for further review following the configured retention settings.

Global retention settings

The following global settings in the Admin > Settings > Data History tray can be used to change how Alarm Event data is managed:

Alarm Retention Days

Sets the maximum number of days Alarm and Event data is retained before being deleted from the system

Alarm Retention Size

Sets the maximum amount of disk space that can be used for Alarm and Event data storage

Auto-Acknowledge Alarms

Sets the number of days before Events are automatically tagged as Acknowledged
(Can also be configured as a Notification Profile action)


The Alarm retention settings control automatic data deletion for both acknowledged and un-acknowledged Events.