The Admin > Settings category contains global settings to manage the Plixer Scrutinizer system’s general behavior.


In the Mapping Groups and Mapping Objects management views, bulk actions become available after one or more items are selected.

These settings are further organized into the following subcategories:

Alarm Notifications

General Alarm message settings and toggles for Flow Inactivity and Interface Threshold Violation Alarms

Data History

Retention settings for historical Alarm and flow data

Flow Analytics Settings

Global settings for Flow Analytics

Google Maps Proxy Server

Google proxy server settings

Login Banner

Custom text for web interface login banner

Mapping Groups

Configuration and management options for Network Map device groups

Mapping Objects

Configuration and management options for Map Objects


Global settings for running Reports

System Preferences

General Plixer Scrutinizer environment settings


Notification Profiles can also be assigned to Flow Inactivity and Interface Threshold Violation Alarms via their respective Alarm Policies. The interface utilization threshold for violation Alarms can also be adjusted via the Threshold - Utilization setting in the System Preferences tray.


Assigning a value of 0 to any of the flow history settings under Data History does not disable retention of the corresponding data table.

System preferences

The following table lists all options/settings that can be modified via the System Preferences tray:

Allowed Flow Rate Multiplier

Multiplier applied to the system’s maximum supported flow rate to accommodate brief, recoverable traffic spikes.
Note: Sustained flow rates exceeding 100% of the rated limit may result in stability issues.

Always Display Totals

Toggle on to force tables in Status Reports to display totals, even when the graph shows rate.

Auto SNMP Update

Toggle on to enable re-discovery of SNMP devices at 1:00 am every day.

CSV Repository

Sets the directory that scheduled CSV files are saved to.

Disable File Upload

Toggle on to disable uploading files to the server.

Disable Welcome Modal

Toggle on to disable the Welcome to Plixer Scrutinizer modal for new users.

DNS Cache Retention

Sets the number of days (0 to 365) to retain DNS names.
Note: When the value is set to 0, DNS names are never retained by the system.

DNS Timeout

Sets the maximum time (in seconds) allowed for DNS name resolution.

Enforce Password Complexity

Toggle on to at least 8 characters, 1 capital letter, 1 number, and 1 special character for new user passwords.

Failed Login Max

Number of failed login attempts allowed before an account is locked (0 = disabled).

Failed Login Window

Sets the window of time (in minutes) for failed login attempts; any failed logins outside the window will not count towards the Failed Login Max setting.

Inactive Expiration

Sets the number of hours (1 to 168) before an inactive interface is removed from the Top Interfaces view.

Inactivity Threshold

Sets the number of hours (in hours) the last inactive interface values are displayed in the Top Interfaces view.


Default system language (can also be set per user via user account settings).
Note: Documentation and technical support are only available in English.

Listener Port

Ports to use to listen for NetFlow or sFlow traffic (separate by comma)

Flow Resources Fallback Cooldown Period

Amount of time (in seconds) to wait after Low Resource Fallback settings have been applied before further actions are taken

Low Resource Fallback Exporter Chunk Size

Number of Exporters to pause or resume at a time when Low Resource Fallback determines Exporters should be paused or resumed

Low Resource Fallback Mode

Actions to be taken by the system to avoid catastrophic failure when there is insufficient CPU and/or RAM

Maximum Raw Flow Exporters

Maximum number of Exporters allowed in a filter before the Raw Flows option becomes unavailable

Maximum Uploaded File Size in Bytes

Maximum size allowed for uploaded files

Minimum Unique Passwords

Number of recent passwords that cannot be reused by users when changing passwords

Report Caching Timeout

Amount of time (in minutes) to use when caching a list of available Reports

Resolve Hosts at Collection Time

Toggle on to force DNS name resolution for every host seen when flows are collected (only necessary for Flow Analytics domain exclusions and Rev 2nd level domain Reports)
*Note: Enabling this feature may result in significant latency at high flow volumes. For assistance, contact Plixer Technical Support.

Session Timeout

Amount of time (in minutes) web sessions are allowed to be idle before the user is forcibly logged out (0 = disabled).


Default system theme (can also be set per user via user account settings).

Threshold - Yellow

Yellow interface utilization threshold.

Threshold - Orange

Orange interface utilization threshold.

Threshold - Red

Red interface utilization threshold.

Threshold - Utilization

Total interface utilization (in or out) threshold to trigger an Interface Threshold Violation Alarm.

TOS Family

Quality of Service or Type of Service configuration/family used by the organization.

Version Checking

Toggle on to allow Plixer Scrutinizer to automatically connect to the Internet and check for updates.