Collections page

The Collections page of the Investigate section lists all existing Collections and is split into two tabs: Assigned to Me (current user) and Other Collections.


Click the filter button to view available filtering options for the list.

Along with each Collection’s name, the table also shows the following details:

  • User who created the Collection

  • Date and time the Collection was added

  • Date and time the Collection was assigned

  • User to whom the Collection is currently assigned

  • Number of Alarms, Events and/or Reports that have been added to the Collection

From the main Collections page, the following actions are available:

  • Viewing Collections - Click on a Collection’s name to open its summary page.

  • Deleting Collections - Select one or more Collections to delete by ticking and click the Delete button.

  • Reassigning Collections - Click the username under a Collection’s Assigned User column to assign it to a different user

  • Setting the active Collection - Use the radio buttons to set/change the active Collection. For additional information, see the subsection on managing Collections.