Collection managementΒΆ

The Manage Collections submenu can be accessed from the different Alarm Monitor views or after running a Report by clicking on the star button.

Creating a new Collection

To create a new Collection, click the Add New Collection (+) button in the submenu. Enter a unique name for the Collection and select a user to assign the Collection to.


The name and user fields must both be filled to create a new Collection.

Afterwards, click the + button to save the Collection. Once created, the Collection will be added to the list in the primary menu.

Setting the active Collection

To set/change the current active Collection, open the Collections menu and select it in the list. Only one Collection can be set as active at a time.

The active Collection can also be set from the main Collections page.

Adding Alarms, Events, or Reports to a Collection

To add the current Alarm, Event, or Report to the active Collection, click on the star button to open the Collections menu and then click the button a second time (after it turns into a + button).


To remove an item from a Collection, click the star button once and click it a second time, after it turns into a - button.