Forecast managementΒΆ

The Forecasts page shows the following details for each Forecast listed:

  • ID number

  • Name of the base Report

  • Name of user who created the Report

  • Current status of the forecast (Initializing -> Starting -> Data Retrieval -> Processing -> Strategy Selection -> Learning -> Prediction -> Complete)


In some cases, it may take up to several minutes for the Forecasting task to progress from Initializing to Complete.

  • Date the Forecast became ready to view

The following actions can be also be performed from the Forecasts page:

  • Updating Forecasts - Click the refresh button to update a Forecast to use the latest data from reports with dynamic settings (under the Custom dropdown when configuring Report settings) for the time period covered.


Forecasts based on reports with a specific time window can also be refreshed but will return the same projects as before. To generate a new Forecast with adjusted date and time settings, run a new report of the same type and create a Forecast with it.

  • Viewing/re-running Reports - Click a Report name to view the Report whose data was used to generate the Forecast*

  • Deleting Forecasts - Use the checkboxes to select one or more Forecasts and click the Delete button to remove them from the system permanently.