Viewing ForecastsΒΆ

All available Forecasts are accessible from the Investigate > Forecasts page. Forecasts that are marked Complete under the Status column of the page are ready to view.

The summary page for a Forecast is divided into two sections:

Forecast timeline

The timeline is a visualization of both the data pulled from the base Report (solid lines) and the projected values (broken lines) up to the horizon of the Forecast. The graph will also show the potential variance as a region that can be highlighted by mousing over the corresponding plotted line.


When mousing over any point of a plotted line will also open a tooltip with additional details about the projections for that particular entity, pair, or group.

The timeline can be viewed as either a line or step graph.

Detail summary

Along with the timeline, the page also includes an accompanying table that summarizes the most notable details of the Forecast:

  • Color-based legend for information elements of interest covered by the data

  • Links to summary pages for additional objects (sources, destinations, applications, etc.) related to the primary entity/pair/group of interest

  • Maximum expected/forecasted value for the measured statistic

  • Date and time when the measured statistic is expected to reach the maximum forecasted value

  • Upper bound in the variance of the maximum forecasted value

To re-run the Report the Forecast is based on, click the View Report button.